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"We are very happy for our business partnership with Sell Gourmet. Many internet sites as yours charge quite a bit to get set up and then a monthly fee. With your site, you charge the same as our sales reps, 15% of the sale, which I have no problem paying. We pay as we go; if nothing sells, nothing is paid to you. Your site directs business to us that we otherwise would miss. We appreciate having another focus out there showcasing our products."
Peggy Alderman, owner

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"Sell Gourmet provides a great sales portal for suppliers and buyers to connect without having to spend significant time and money walking aisle after aisle at market halls around the country. Over the years we have seen a significant shift  in our order base coming from e-commerce instead of gift markets. We highly recommend Sell Gourmet for small vendors wanting to sell more of their products."

Matthew Montgomery, owner
Sports Chest LLC
Member since 2010

"We've been working with Sell Gourmet for several years, and have been very pleased with the orders that come through. Some have been quite large, too, which is always a pleasant surprise. The folks are easy to work with, which is a big plus. We've tried several other wholesale online portals in the past and gotten no orders at all. Sell Gourmet has really been the only truly successful internet wholesaler we've found."

Jonathan Milo Leal, owner
Vino de Milo
Member since 2007


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