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Hot Sauce Harry’s is a company that knows fiery-foods promotion, marketing, and sales. Bob Harris, the president, has worked the food business from farmers’ markets to gourmet markets, and has sold fiery-foods to a surprising group of clients that continues to expand. The key to his success is to design a label and define the market for the product. Actually, Bob Harris could probably package and sell it in Iraq.

Bob has been at Hot Sauce Harry’s for ten years. Before that he was a food broker and promoter. His love for hot sauce started with a cruise to the Caribbean, where he bought hot sauce from a number of islands for gifts and for his own use. His friends loved the sauces and he realized that here was an opportunity for a real entrepreneur.

"I attended the National Fiery-Foods Show eleven years ago to learn about the fast growing hot food market. I started to sell hot sauce at farmers’ markets on weekends--not from my own kitchen, but food from a number of manufacturers."

"Hot Sauce Harry’s is not a kitchen-based business," said Bob, "we are market-based. We look for good products and have them manufactured for us. These products are packaged with our own labels and marketed in specialty areas. Our products are made in Louisiana, Fort Worth, Florida, and Georgia and include cayenne- and habanero-based sauces with fruit flavors and Vidalia onions."

With names like Dynamite, Dead Heat, Hot Lips, and Texas--each with a bright, distinctive label-- the packages invite sales. And with topical brand names like Bomb Saddam Mad Blast, Hot and Proud To Be an American, and EnWrong Shredded Sauce, he appeals to a market that is up on current events. There is even a "collector bottle" of sauce with a Duck Stamp on the label; all migratory waterfowl hunters in the US must purchase a duck stamp along with their state hunting license, and these are popular items in sporting goods stores.

Bob’s marketing expertise shows best in his innovative sales of sauces sold under the names of major league football and baseball teams and NCAA college teams. "These products require licensing from the respective organizations and special labels showing the team symbols prominently," he said. "The idea came to me when I attended a game and saw all of the products with team names being sold, not only at the stadium, but in stores around the country. Why not fiery foods for the many fans and alumni who really support their teams?"
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