Croix Valley Steak Sauces

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Croix Valley Steak Sauces sprang to life in a small kitchen in the Northwoods of Wisconsin back in 1996 when my family and I opened a steakhouse and began serving every meal with a side of our homemade steak sauce. It took one taste and customers immediately began clammering for our product. After a decade of requests to bottle and sell it for home use, I decided that it was about time we did something about it. In 2009, I began producing the steak sauces for retail sale and finally brought Croix Valley Steak Sauces to the market. 

Our steak sauces are hand crafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients. While our sauces are the perfect complement to any fine steak, Croix Valley Steak Sauces are superb on chicken, pork, burgers, vegetables and all of your favorite grilled meats. We've changed a lot of minds over the years of those who say a good steak doesn't need a sauce. One try and you'll agree that a good steak is made excellent with Croix Valley Steak Sauces!

Minimum Order: $100

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