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    Artistic Taste was founded in 2009 by owner Kristina Jezycki a former chef and event planner in New York City.

She was raised in a family where home-cooked meals were a daily occurrence. Her mother was an exceptional home-chef who had dinners on the table every night for the family. Her mother collected hundreds of cookbooks, and enjoyed trying new recipes, while keeping with the old family favorites. It was an opportunity for quality family time, and to broaden culinary horizons.

When it came time to go to college, Kristina discovered she was at her happiest when she was creating something with her hands, where gratification was instant and she was entertaining, so she decided to try her luck in the Culinary Arts.


Photo of Kristina
Le Cordon Bleu Alumna Kristina Jezycki standing with ChefJulia Child and Owner Andre Cointreau

After receiving a diploma from Peter Kump's New York Cooking School in 1992, Kristina moved to Scottsdale, Arizona to work in a high-end gourmet market, AJ's Purveyor of Fine Foods, preparing gourmet meals for a discerning clientele. After three years in sunny paradise, she was accepted to the French cooking school Le Cordon Bleu. It was then, in 1995, that she decided to pack up everything and move to Paris, France.

Having no place to live and no knowledge of the French language, she managed to find an apartment near the school and settle in to begin a new life. She still claims it was the most arduous experience of her life, yet the most rewarding.


She accomplished the incredible task of a Grand Diplome, while interning at Les Ambassadeurs restaurant in the Hotel de Crillon, under Chef Christian Constant. After graduation, Kristina spent time traveling around the regions of France, Holland, Vienna and then onto Portugal, spending time with family home-chefs, while learning about their recipes and kitchen secrets.


She gathered her knife set and cherished collection of recipes, and returned home to New York City, the culinary metropolis of the United States.

After many years of working in commercial kitchens, the likes of The Essex House Hotel as the banquet Chef de Parti, a corporate catering company as the Executive Chef and in a residence on Park Avenue as the Private Chef, Kristina launched her own catering and event planning business. Having enjoyed a successful and profitable business for five years, Kristina is now pursuing her life-long dream of sharing her own culinary creations with amateur and experienced Home Chefs everywhere.


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