Hot Squeeze

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If you're wondering how Hot Squeeze came to be, you'll want to know the story of Sue . . .

Before Hot Squeeze, I was a caterer. I began catering when my children were babies as a way to be a stay-at-home mom. My husband, who at that time worked for CNN, hired me for my first film production catering job. The business grew and grew and by the time my children were teenagers, I had taken on a business partner, renovated a commercial kitchen in our home and was working full time catering film production lunches.

Hot Squeeze began innocently enough as a sauce over a pork tenderloin served at one of those lunches. It was a big hit, and so it was used on and in other dishes, and soon it had to be available at every lunch I served. For years clients told me I should bottle the sauce, and for years I would look at them like they were crazy — I was busy enough running a catering company and I had no clue how to bottle a sauce.

I am a workout-aholic and my spin class instructor always asks that we share our New Year's resolutions. In 2006, I told my class that I was finally going to get Hot Squeeze into a bottle. It took me 10 months to actually do this! I asked a lot of questions, researched everything, and then took a leap of faith, but in October of 2006 the first run of 500 cases of Hot Squeeze was produced. (I felt a little like Lucy in the candy factory when I saw those first bottles come off the assembly line!)

Being a food entrepreneur is not always easy. in the first two and a half years that Hot Squeeze has been on the market, I have invested my money and all of my time, lost a business partner, and given up my lucrative catering business. On the flip side, I'm having the time of my life! I am doing something that I am passionate about, I learn new things every day, I have met and continue to meet amazing people as I travel doing food shows, demos and consumer markets, and I am rewarded by people who discover Hot Squeeze and tell me they can't live without it.

I also want to tell you that I am amazingly lucky to have a wonderful and supportive family. My husband puts in many hours on mundane Hot Squeeze tasks even though he has his own job, and our two children hardly ever complain when they have to work in the warehouse. I have an incredibly talented advisory board who willingly donate their time and expertise. And I have incredible friends who hold my hand when I'm discouraged and cheer for me every step of the way.

Use it as a condiment, like a steak sauce. But it’s not just for steak—it jazzes up everything on your plate from meat, fish, potatoes, to vegetables and even salad. Do you like hot sauce on your eggs? Wait until you try them with Hot Squeeze! 

Use it as a finishing glaze. Let’s say you’ve just grilled up some salmon. Squeeze on the Hot Squeeze and watch as it coats the fish with a sexy glaze that tastes as great as it looks. Tired of baked chicken? Transform it into something exceptional with a little Hot Squeeze! Some say it’s got Asian nuances, others think southwestern and still others think barbecue.

Once you realize how good Hot Squeeze is on food, try using it in recipes for chili, black beans, vegetable casseroles and soups. Mix it with mayonnaise for a sandwich spread or add it to vinaigrettes for a new twist on salad dressings.

Hot Squeeze puts an end to condiment clutter because you can clear out all those other bottles of sauce. With Hot Squeeze you’ve got it all—sauce, marinade, dressing, glaze—in one bottle!

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