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Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could bring home some amazing chocolate covered strawberries? Hoping in vain they would survive the trip home and make it to the next day?

While I was working for one of the premier luxury hotels, one of our loyal guests provided us with a challenge. Our time-line was short, to say the least, as she was departing within a few hours for India. Access to chocolate covered strawberries were limitless throughout her stay at the hotel. We had been told that she wanted to share her experience with a friend upon her return. Unfortunately, the classic set up could not survive the rigors of modern travel and led to disappointing results.

This ending did not sit well with me. With all of the advancements concerning food technology over the past few decades one would think that a suitable substitute could be had without going to the extremes.

in the weeks after I had spent a considerable amount of time researching techniques and supplies, only to find the common dried varieties. These fruits, dried with sugar, produced a gummy and raisin-like texture, which nin the end was too sweet on the palate. I had heard of the freeze-drying process before through numerous cookbooks and from the flower industry. A little more than a year ago I had come across a website that provided whole freeze dried pieces of fruit. After seeing this site, my gears started to turn and thought of the panning process commonly found to produce overed chocolate covered almonds and nuts to be a perfect technique for the outcome I was looking for.

I hope that you will enjoy our products and the time spent to produce them. 

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