Aloha from Oregon

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The Aloha from Oregon Story

The creative force from Aloha from Oregon's successful reputation as a producer of delicious chutneys, pepper jellies and other gourmet delicacies began some sixteen years ago founder Judi Dodson's long standing love for making fun and exotic foods.

Far from its humble beginnings by never straying from its dedication to the higher quality and attention to detail, which has created its success.  Aloha from Oregon products have won awards and accolades at regional and national gourmet shows.  Aloha from Oregon products are used regularly as ingredients by gourmet chefs as well as creative homemakers who want to serve their families and guests something special. 
  What started as a home-based business has blossomed into a company with satisfied customers nation-wide.

Judi herself once prepared all the jellies, chutneys and other products in her home kitchen.  She now has trained and supervises personally a team of carefully selected professional cooks who produce these delicacies under her watchful eye in Aloha from Oregon's commercial kitchen in Eugene, Oregon.  Judy uses only the highest quality ingredients and she examines each ingredient personally to ensure they maintain her exacting standards of quality when preparing Aloha from Oregon products.

The sassy and diverse product line includes pepper jellies in fourteen flavors: Apricot, Cranberry, Garlic, Habanero, Jalapeno, Mango, Marionberry, Pineapple, Plum Ginger Thai, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Smoky Red Jalapeno, Strawberry and Sweet Onion.

She created a Christmas Pepper Jelly with two flavors (red and green, of course) split in one jar-the flavors being half Raspberry (red color) and half Jalapeno (green color) (also labeled Raspberry/Jalapeno, for year round sales),  Apricot/Jalapeno, Sweet Onion/Jalapeno, Mango/Plum Ginger split pepper jellies.

All these sweet, tart and spicy jellies make a delicious glaze for pork, poultry and seafood and a popular appetizer served on a cracker with cream cheese.

She also produces six flavors of chutneys including Apple Nut, Cranberry Pecan, Ginger Peach, Jalapeno Pepper, Mango Ginger and Zesty Plum.

 Not satisfied with this wide-ranging variety of piquant delicacies, Judi also temps us with even more specialty offerings as Cranberry Butter with Port, Pumpkin Butter with Port, Mulled Wine Jelly, Pear Butter, Blueberry Rhubarb and Tangerine Marmalade.

Do not think this is the end of Judi's vision for more varieties of specialty foods.  We're not divulging any new flavors here; just be prepared to enjoy more exciting new flavor creations!
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